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Autism Treatment & HBOT - Treat Your Child With Hyperbaric Therapy. At Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Center Or at California Integrative Hyperbaric Center

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Why should we choose HBOT device as a useful one?

A useful tool or device is going to be obsolete, what it should not be. Yes, we are talking about the hyperbaric chambers. Hyperbaric chambers are used to treat a lot of impairments and diseases.

The diseases are listed below.

# Gas embolism or gas gangrene

# CO (carbon monoxide) poisoning

# Diabetic foot ulcer

# Decompression sickness

# Hypoxia… Continue reading

HBOT can treat CPP along with ASD

The term autism is now known to everyone, so we don’t need to waste time by saying what autism is. But, what we need to find out is the cure or treatment of this neuropsychiatric disorder, though it is strongly genetic. This genetic issue doesn’t come with a single disorder, but with a spectrum of disorders.

So, it is very… Continue reading

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy benefits to treat low level Oxygen diseases

We know, except few of anaerobic microorganisms, viruses and sulphur bacteria, oxygen is an essential gaseous element for all living species including humans or us. Water, the alternative meaning of life also needs oxygen to be formed.

So, absence of this important element from our life may cause serious issues. We value this life saving element when we are in… Continue reading

Placental Abnormalities may Lead Autistic Disabilities

We have known about different neurological as well as brain disorders by seeing our friends, relatives, neighbours who have suffered as well as are suffering from different mental retarding diseases.

Sometimes we can know better by self experience, how our over populated society is suffering from different psychiatric disorders.

Autism is one of these brain disorders. Unlike other brain diseases,… Continue reading

Stem Cells Can Help in Autism Discovery

When the topic comes on the children’s health issues and future of the nation, the subject autism comes first in our mind. If anyone asks the reason behind this, then he or she seems like out of mind or world. Autism is the only one neuropsychiatric disorder, which is incurable as it is strongly genetic, and comes with different social… Continue reading

Search Engine Helps To Reduce ASD by Finding Apps for Autism

Autism is a neurological disorder and spread all over the world with its multiple symptoms. As this neuropsychiatric disorder is found in 1 out of 68 children in the U.S according to the 2010 data report of CDC, it can’t be neglected.

The core reason of autism is deeply rooted in human genome, because a wrong genomic expression can develop… Continue reading

MTOR Protein May Be Responsible For Increasing The Synapse Density

Now we know that the unique characteristics of autism is rooted in the genome of an autistic one as autism or ASD is strongly genetic. Autism comes with multiple disorders that’s the reason why autism is also termed as ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders).

Autism is the one of those listed disorders, which are not clearly understood. Apart from genetic issues,… Continue reading

Rapamycin May Be A Hope To Combat Autism

As most of the population is suffering from autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and people from the first world countries belonging to the U.S are mostly diagnosed with autism according to the data report of CDC, so we are very much concerned about this incurable brain disorder.


Yes, autism is an incurable brain disease because of its strong genetic basis.… Continue reading

Father With Mutated Sperm DNA Is Linked To The Autistic Newborn

There are many brain disorders we have heard about. They are like

  • Alzheimer disease
  • Meningitis
  • Encephalitis
  • Epilepsy with random seizure


But none of these diseases are like autism, because most of these brain disorders are curable through proper medication, and these brain disorders are not transformed to another new disorder at the later stage.

So it is enough to… Continue reading

Is Behavioral Therapy Going To Be Abusive Or Not?

Autism, a neurological as well as genetic disorder is found in 1 out of 68 children in the U.S. according to the CDC data report of 2010. But this data report is not enough to rip off this brain disorder from our society.

So, we first need to know about the symptoms to diagnose this brain disorder as early as… Continue reading

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