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Autism Treatment & HBOT - Treat Your Child With Hyperbaric Therapy. At Wisconsin Integrative Hyperbaric Center Or at California Integrative Hyperbaric Center

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Children With Autism Also Have Pain Expression Disorder

Like many other neurological disorders, autism is another one, but it has some unique characteristics. That’s why autism is turning into a social curse, and the unique characteristics in autism are

  • It deals with multiple neurological disorders (ASD)
  • Initial stage of autism starts with Aperger’s syndrome
  • If autism or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) is not treated, then it may turn… Continue reading

Besides HBOT, NAC Should Also Be In Spot Light

Our society is dealing with a neurological disorder for many years, and now it is turning into a social curse. The curse like this neurological disorder is not totally curable and still now it’s under study because of the basis of this brain disease, which is strongly genetic.

The name of this neurological disorder is autism or ASD (Autism Spectrum… Continue reading

How HBOT Can Help To Improve Autism

Autism: More or less we all know about this one neurological disorder, though autism is not only one disorder, it deals with different types of social skill impairments. It causes

  1. Improper verbal or non verbal communications
  2. Repetitive behavior
  3. Stereotyped behavior
  4. Lack of eye contact
  5. Cognitive disabilities

These are the striking disorders. Apart from these, current studies suggest that the autistic… Continue reading

Early Diagnosis & HBOT Help Autistic Children To Stay In Old School

Autism, which is a widespread neurological disorder, is found in 1 out of 68 children based on CDC data report of 2010.

Autism is a neurological disorder that appears with symptoms like nonverbal communication, stereotyped or repetitive behavior and cognitive disabilities. In one sentence, a child with autism or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) suffers from a lot of social skill… Continue reading

Maternal Thyroid Dysfunction Can Be A Cause Of Autism And ADHD

Autism, a neurological disorder, is not only based on genetic. Besides genetic, recent studies found some evidences on cellular level with immune cell malfunctions, mitochondrial malfunctions etc. But most strong evidence is identification of some genetic markers specific for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders). That is why autism is called strongly genetic.

Apart from that, a recent study on diagnosis and… Continue reading

Down Memory Lane About Hyperbaric Chambers

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber is of great help for people spread across the world. We know that it forms a critical instrument in case of medical treatments for certain kinds of health problems and even injuries. But there are not many people who know beyond the benefits it has when it comes to healing and curing patients. So it is… Continue reading

Ways to Detect Autism Early in a Kid’s Life

A lot has already been said about how autism is on the rise and the things that parents and doctors should keep in mind to ensure that a control is put on this neurological disorder. The other reason for worry is also the fact that the early signs are found out or detected at a very later stage. The only… Continue reading

TACA Leader Nancy Cook shares her experience with OxyHealth’s Vitaeris 320

During her childhood, Nancy had some breathing issues which was a matter of great concern for her before she used OxyHealth’s Vitaeris 320.

Says Nancy about her experience inside the hyperbaric chamber -

“It’s comfortable, there is lots of room in it, it’s very easy to open and close. We had very little issue with the change in pressure.… Continue reading

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